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Cargo Tank Repair Services

Let us help you with your Cargo Tank Repairs, Maintenance & U.S. DOT Testing

When your company's cargo tanker trucks or trailers require top quality repairs, maintenance or U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT)-certified testing, Massey's Truck & Tank Repair, Inc. is the place to go. With the combination of our highly-skilled and experienced repair technicians and custom fabricators along with our fully equipped cargo tank testing and repair shop, you can be assured that Massey's can handle a wide variety of the most complex jobs, from leak detection, meter and pump repairs, fuel tank repairs, custom fabrication, plumbing, electrical diagnostics to troubleshooting the most difficult jobs.
Massey's has been providing top quality cargo tank repair services in Arizona since 1974. We are your trusted service and repair center for bulk, LPG/NH3, petroleum and chemical cargo tank trailers.

We are an authorized A.S.M.E code repair facility, a U.S. DOT spec cargo tank repair facility, and have a National Board certified “R” stamp. Our custom fabricators and repair technicians are experienced and highly qualified to perform U.S. DOT compliant repairs on your MC and U.S. DOT Code trailers.
Our repair facility offers top quality repairs on truck and trailer components, valves, meters and pumps performed by our experienced staff.

Other Services Available:
  • Fuel Tank Repairs
  • Extensive Welding and Custom Fabrication (Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel)
  • Repairs and installations of hydraulic systems with pumps or blowers
  • Pump and meter installations and repairs
  • Electronic overfill repair and/or replacement
  • Accident damage repair
  • Glass Installation and Repairs (onsite)
  • Cargo Tank Repairs
  • Tank Degassing & Defuming
  • Tank Cleaning (for repairs only)
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Annual & 5-year Cargo Tank Inspections

Massey's is registered and qualified to perform U.S. DOT tests and inspections on the following unit types:
  • MC 300, 301, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 310, 311, 312, 330, 331 & 338
  • DOT 406, 407 & 412
Massey's performs the following Periodic Tests and Inspections in accordance with U.S. DOT Federal Regulation 180.407(C) (Cargo Tank Hazardous Material Regulation):
  • (V) External Visual inspection
  • (I) Internal Visual inspection
  • (K) Leakage Test
  • (P) Pressure Test
  • (T) Thickness Test
  • (L) Lining Inspection
  • (K-EPA27) Method 27 Vapor Tightness Test, 63.425 (e)(1)
  • (U) Upper Coupler Test/Inspection
  • Vapor Recovery Testing
  • Annual Hose Leakage Test
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