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Founded in 1974 as a provider of quality repair services to hazardous materials cargo tanker trucks, Massey's Truck & Tank Repair, Inc. has grown to be a full service cargo tank and trailer repair facility offering top notch service to the entire liquid cargo transport industry, including tanker trucks for transporting gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, oil, acid, propane and all other chemical, petroleum and dry bulk products.
Our experienced and knowledgeable welders and repair technicians are qualified in all phases of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel welding as well as troubleshooting your tank and trailer's components and systems.
Massey's has a full-service 7 bay repair facility equipped to handle the most difficult of jobs.
Please visit our Services page for more details about the services that we are qualified to provide.
Massey's Truck & Tank Repair, Inc. Staff — Custom Fabrication Services, Phoenix, AZ
U.S. DOT Certified

We are proud to be certified by the United States Department of Transportation as a recognized service center providing repair services and periodic testing for the following cargo specification tanker trucks and trailers: MC300, MC301, MC303, MC304, MC305, MC306, MC307, MC310, MC311, MC312, MC330, MC331, MC338, DOT406, DOT407 and DOT412,

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